As a Product Manager turned Design Strategist, I believe building empathy and truly understanding people's latent needs is crucial to creating successful human-centered products and services.  My role allows me to flex from being very strategic to very tactical and from being very creative and participatory in the design process to pragmatic and analytical. While fully embedded on product teams, I specifically focus on outputs that catalyze product definition and conception, such as scoping the problem space, defining personas, identifying customer barriers, creating journey maps, and designing the vision/north star for the product. 



capital one



Capital One's free tool for everyone to help monitor and learn more about credit.

Student APplication

A redesign of the Capital One Journey Application in solve current student painpoints in the experience. Learn More

Project Research books

The first company collection of internal project research books. 


Using Credit Wisely

Blue sky exploration and in depth research around how to help customers use credit more wisely.

Inform App

A simple and personal tool for new and inexperienced customers to use credit wisely. Learn More


A concept that came out of the Using Credit Wisely Mission, focused on how to help customers pay down.

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Social Norming

An exploration/knowledge base focused on social influence in finance to facilitate future effective experimentation on behavior change strategies.


FounD - Research repository

An internal research repository website for product teams to capture, search, and share insights.


A patent from our Using Credit Wisely research, focused on leveraging a customer's high motivation during the credit card onboarding process to educate and set up their product through augmented reality. View Patent



External conferences

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